Landscape Urbanism Essay

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Landscape urbanism brings together two previously unrelated terms to suggest a new hybrid discipline. While there has been much support for landscape urbanism ideas within the design and planning professions, a considerable amount of skepticism and even hostility remains. This paper reviews the criticisms of the landscape urbanism and argues that many of these censures are valid. This paper will conduct a critical analysis of the key concepts derived from the landscape urbanism movement. From the analysis it will become evident that landscape urbanism is a concept that require significant perfection in order to contribute to a productive shift in urban design thinking and practice.

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The correlated challenges for this kind of development include issues of infrastructure, land reclamation, health and alienation. But those can be overcome by strategies associated with this new park type include self-sufficiency resources and integration into larger urban systems.
Furthermore, Corner (2006) has identified a few concepts that summarize the practice of landscape urbanism. These include forms of process, horizontality, techniques and ecology. In relation to horizontality, landscape urbanism was specifically meant to provide an intellectual and practical alternative to the hegemony of the New Urbanism. More specifically, according to Waldheim (2002), landscape urbanism rejects the New Urbanism idea that urban design can reform the auto-dominated urban patterns and their negative social and ecological consequences. Instead, landscape urbanism embrace surface, not form and especially, the surfaces of sprawling cities. Landscape urbanism considers horizontality and sprawl as the new urban reality. As many theories of urbanism attempt to ignore this fact or retrofit it to new urbanism, landscape urbanism accepts it and tries to understand it. Whilst this thinking has its merit, but this new understanding manifest itself differently as landscape urbanism schemes can often be
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