Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus Poetry Analysis

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Suffering is felt by all humans, humans sometimes awknowledge it and other times it’s ignored. In the poem, “Museé des Beaux Arts,” written by W.H. Auden and the painting, “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus,” painted by Pieter Breughel the Elder, Icarus can be seen throughout the two works. In the poem, Auden describes about human suffering and how the elders life differentiate from a child. Moreover, the painting showcases a city’s daily life and how Icarus’s fall does not seem to bother any one. Although these two works use different elements, the author’s both contribute to the idea of indivualism when suffering appears the most. The poem, “Museé des Beauz Arts,” Auden discusses invidualism when suffering was presented such as, Icarus falling. Auden describes old masters knowing the true extent of human suffering and has been through it. Auden shows invidualism when suffering is around when he describes Icarus as “not an important failure (Auden 17)” to the ploughman. This shows that the ploughman is not phased by the suffering of Icarus when falling. Moreover, “the aged… passionately waiting for the miraculous birth, there always must be children who did not specially want it to happen (Auden 5-7).” Thus, demonstrating…show more content…
The painting painted by Breughal is a great illustration of “The story of Icarus” and showcases the stories main theme. In the illustration, all of the humans are purposely placed to their daily life and not focusing on Icarus’s fall. As a result, it displays a sense of isolation from suffering because no one seems to focus on Icarus’s fall into the water. Adding on, the ploughman is in red and draws attention to himself against the dull colors. In general, this shows that the viewer doesn’t notice Icarus right away showing isolation from the others. To summarize the painting demonstrates humans lack of paying attention to suffering when
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