Landscape in The Sea Gull a Novel by Anton Chekhov Essay

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Anton Chekhov's The Sea Gull is a Russian comedy, despite some tragedy, written in the end of the nineteenth century regarding the drama revolving around a group of people living in the countryside. The characters face the lack of satisfaction in their lives as they fail to achieve their desires. The characters desires are most about success; they desire success in love and art. Since these characters are lacking at least one of these desires, they are thus left to be loathing their lack of success in life throughout the play. Overall, The Sea Gull does exemplify the human disappointment through the characters which face disappointment or dissatisfaction with their lives and effectively portray disappointment through the characters’ actions and thoughts.
First, some of the characters show their discontent with life regarding the issue with love. Love becomes a major portion of The Sea Gull’s conflict as most characters love another, but this leads to “chains of romance” for the characters. For instance, Medvedenko, a poor school teacher trying to support his family) is speaking with Masha, who herself is mourning for her life, speaking about how he is unfortunate and how Masha does not have a real reason to be unhappy. Medvedenko then confesses, “I love you. Too restless and sad to stay at home, I tramp here every day, six miles and back, to be met only by your indifference” (Chekhov 106). Masha then responds saying she acknowledges his love for her, but does not feel the…