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Landscaping Designs That Bridge the Gap between Art and Functionality
Most people see landscaping design and garden functionality on two different levels. Ask yourself: Do you want to create a garden which is a work of art meant only to be viewed, or do you want to create an extension to your home that will allow you more comfort and more pleasurable moments in your backyard? In order to achieve the latter, while considering the aspects of colours, shapes and balance, the design should always go hand in hand with purpose. A retaining wall or a bench can be turned into a work of art, without hindering the functionality of the garden. We picked out 4 garden elements that easily bridge this gap.
Terraced Planters
One of the most striking elements that you can incorporate in your garden are terraced planters. They offer layers of options, since you can view each level as a separate garden. You can experiment by mixing blooms with interesting architectural greenery, or by mixing different shades of the same flower, or by installing lighting fixtures that provide an intriguing game of shadows. But apart from that, terraced planters are the most effective element against soil erosion and sometimes the only way to have a garden on an otherwise impossible location.
Green Walls
These vertical gardens make a breathtaking
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Even the simplest of containers and the least decorative of plants work in these little secluded paradise gardens. Their growing popularity speaks in support of their functionality. Apart from creating a peaceful retreat for people from the life in concrete jungles, green roofs last almost twice as long as the conventional roofs. The growing medium protects the roof surface from the elements and contributes to its durability. It also acts like natural insulation and can reduce energy costs by reducing the air-conditioning needs. On a wider scale, these roofs improve air quality and reduce the effect of urban heat
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