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Iley31 INTRODUCTION TO THE GLOBAL MOSAIC OF LANGUAGE AND RELIGION This Web quest is designed for you to gain an appreciation that language and religion are essential elements of culture. Answer the following questions to the best of your ability on a separate sheet of paper. ACTIVITY 1: 100 Eskimo Words for Snow: Fact or Myth? There are an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 languages spoken throughout the world today. One of the great beliefs in the many languages of the world is that, "Eskimos have more than a hundred words for snow." However, is this statement true? If so, what are they? Can we really believe everything we hear? Go to…show more content…
Esperanto is probably the most successful of the artificial international languages. The number of Esperanto speakers is estimated at more than 2 million. The Universala Esperanto-Asocio (founded in 1908) has members in 83 countries, and there are 50 national Esperanto associations that use Esperanto. More than 30,000 books have been published in Esperanto. (Britannica ) Go to the Travel Language Page Select English for the language you speak, and Esperanto for the language you want to learn. Select Basic Words and translate the following into Esperanto: 8) What is your name?, How are you?; Now select Shopping/Dining and translate the following into Esperanto: Do you accept credit cards?, Cheers! 9) Now, experiment and have some fun on your own. Do you ever envision a future with one universal language? Why or why not? ACTIVITY 6: World Religions Like language, religion is a foundation block of cultures. Religion confers identity on people and influence dress, language, house types, and major community buildings. Religions have sets of doctrines and beliefs, they generally have rituals. Many have holy books and vast bureaucracies. Go to the BBC World Religion Guide Select Christianity and answer the following: 10) How many people practice Christianity? 11) Where did it
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