Langauge Play With Drugs Essay

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The Language play I will thoroughly analyze is the modern day street slang for drugs. It’s interesting how we “address” a drug based on various side effects it causes rather than its pharmaceutical name. For example, the drug Cocaine is called “Base Crazies”. “Base Crazies” refers to the way it easily gets you hooked leaving you wanting more and making you search on your hands and knees for cocaine. (ONDCP, 2005) Using the Internet, books, and pamphlets based on drugs will help me in my research of finding different abstract terms for the common street drug. Analyzing street names, it’s origin and how language play reveals itself motivates me to write a paper on this particular topic. Nowadays depending on the neighborhood,…show more content…
In the process, the lingoes they use are being picked up by young children who are naïve to the actual meaning of the terms being said. These young children then bring the language into their own homes, school and even the playground. Thinking it’s cool, there’s a one in five chance that same child who overheard random delinquents on the street trying to sell various drugs using catchy names will actually become a drug user and become a seller. (Metropolitan Police Department, 2011)

It’s hard to imagine your child would ever abuse prescription drugs, but don’t be fooled. Statistics show that the number of teens abusing prescription drugs has nearly tripled since 1992. Think that’s scary? Then check out these other teen prescription drug abuse statistics: Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs among 12- to 13-year olds. Nearly 1 in 5 teens have abused prescription drugs. Nearly 30 percent of teens believe there is “nothing wrong” with abusing prescription drugs every now and then and that prescription painkillers aren’t addictive. Five out of the top 6 drugs abused by high school seniors are prescription drugs or cold/cough medicines. (Casa Palmera 2009) The area or the age of the child determines drug slang in D.C. It’s up to the parents to be up to date knowing the latest drug terms and trends. For example, the drugs K-2, Bath Salts, and DXM all have unique

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