Langston Hugh Hamilton Research Paper

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According to Madison’s Notes they considered several other forms of electing the executive before the electoral college. The first introduced was election by the people as a whole. However, this was deemed not viable because it was entirely contrary to the form of a Republican government. Also, the election of the executive should be done by those who know most of eminent characters and qualifications however, the people as a whole know the least about these things. Further, it was argued that the people would only vote for someone from their state because no one had a national character and would only recognize those from their states. Also, the people are less wealthy and would vote for someone that would only protect the interests of the poor and not the interests of the…show more content…
This was disputed in Madison’s Notes however because there would be no separation of powers. They feared that if the executive were to be elected by the national legislature the executive would become a creature of congress. They feared that if the executive was chosen by the national legislature it would create a cabal therefore by distancing these two branches that cabal was avoided. In Federalist 68 Hamilton argues that a major danger to a republican form of government is a cabal or a bias that forms from people selecting the executive. Hamilton argued that this would occur if the executive was chosen by either branch of the national legislature. Furthermore, in Madison’s Note’s it is argued that if the president was elected by the House they feared that the executive would therefore be an executive for the large states and if elected by the Senate then they would be an executive of the small states. They were very apprehensive about giving the power of election to the national legislature also because of the 3/5ths compromise and how that would now disproportionately favor southern
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