Langston Hughes And His Harlem Dream

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Langston Hughes and His Harlem Dream
An explosion of written and artistic creativity, a time of social awareness and enlightenment among the black race. The Harlem Renaissance, originally known as ‘The New Negro Movement’, began after the first world war and lasted until the middle of the 1930’s depression. Harlem became a destination for African Americans throughout the early 1900’s as part of the great migration. As more blacks made Harlem their home, it increasingly became well known as an African American cultural center. Poets, writers, artists, musicians, and philosophers all played a key part in this new movement. The Harlem Renaissance brought about uniqueness and the celebration of individuality and ethnic pride among African Americans; everything was modern and fresh. The jazz, the visual arts and color pop while fashion and literature took a cultural twirl towards revolutionary change. This was a period of unprecedented artistic and intellectual achievement among black Americans. This explosion of art and literature led to the birth of African American consciousness. Music was a key component during this time and became the cynosure for jazz bands and blues. Famous Jazz performers including Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday perfected their music and rhythmic closure which became very popular among white audiences. And it was also during this time when the piano was incorporated into the jazz form of music but traditional
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