Langston Hughes Biography

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“James Mercer Langston Hughes, known as Langston Hughes was born February 2, 1902 in Missouri, to Carrie Hughes and James Hughes.” Years later his parents separated. Langston’s father moved to Mexico and became very successful, as his for mother, she moved frequently to find better jobs. As a child growing up Langston spent most of his childhood living with his grandmother named Mary Langston in Lawrence, Kansas. Mary Langston was a learned women and a participant in the civil rights Movement. When Langston Hughes was 12 years old his grandmother passed away. Langston then moved in with his mother and stepfather Homer Clark. A few months later, Langston’s mother sent him to live with her mother’s friend “Auntie” and Mr. Reed. In 1915…show more content…
“The sample books inspired a musical show, “simply Heavenly (1957)” that met with some success.” “Langston loved gospel music it led to other acclaimed stage efforts, usually mixing words, music, and dance in an atmosphere of improvisation.” “The 1960’s saw Hughes as productive as ever. “In 1962 Langston’s ambitious book- length poem “Ask Mama” dense with allusions
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