Essay on Langston Hughes: Jazz Poet

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Langston Hughes Many poets are well recognized for their poems and live that they lived but, one poet is not all that well known. This poet had a rough live living in persecution just because of his skin color. The famous but forgotten Langston Hughes had an exciting career and very intense writings during the severe segregation era which he had lived in Langston Hughes traveled around the world, which made his very exciting career although, it started out slow, and once it got going it took off very quickly. Langston Hughes moved from Missouri to Illinois then to Ohio. He spent time in Mexico, France, New York, Africa, The U.S.S.R and Washington D.C., where he started his writing career and won his first award (Langston Hughes). In…show more content…
Hughes developed a metaphorical mountain which represents the thing that stands in their way (Neilson). Hughes poems “Ku Klux”, “Who But The Lord” and “Way Of The White Folks” are three of these examples of this. The Poem “Ku Klux” talks about an African-American being taken into an alley way by the Ku Klux Klan who demanded that he say that he believes in the “White Man” and no matter what his answer is he still gets mugged. The poem is very descriptive in detail of what went on and because of this it make the poem seem like a true story and not a work of fiction. In “Who But The Lord” it talks about an African-American walking down a street committing no crimes being pursued and mugged by a police officer. He also state in the poem “who but the lord cares for me” and “dose the lord even care” making the reader feel sympathy and what he feels. In “Way Of The White Folks” it talks about all of the “Whites” Enslaving “Blacks” all throughout history, the “Whites” taking all of the good jobs and being rich, greedy selfish people. Langston Hughes wrote about the Twenties through Sixties and what it was like to be an African-American (Brinkman). During this time African-Americans had their own schools, drinking fountains, churches, places in city buses and their own bathrooms. People despised the African-Americans and for why, they did
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