Langston Hughes Let Usa Be America Again Analysis

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At the beginning of the poem the author expresses that he wants America to be the America what it used to be. In line 2 he refers to the American Dream, the dream of endless possibilities, regardless of your race or skin color. Today most people think of the American dream as from rags to riches. But at the time “Let America Be America Again” was published, the American Dream meant much more than that. It expressed freedom and equality no matter where you were born or which skin color you had. The following line “Let it be the pioneer on the plain” tells the reader, that when America was founded, it was meant to be an example for the whole world. Many people came to America due to the promise of their own rights. But in line 5 Langston Hughes…show more content…
But he doesn't just use it for the literal meaning of the word, he uses Liberty specifically in reference to the symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty. In the same sentence he comes back to his comparison by using “crowned” as a correlation to kings. Apart from that, he criticizes patriotism as an excuse for the bad situation. In Line 15 Hughes tries to create a metaphor from air and breath to equality and the American dream. In the following two lines in brackets ,as well as lines 6 and 10, he continues questioning the past of America. He clearly writes that there has never been equality and freedom. He probably used apostrophes to express the irony of “homeland of the free.”. The irony of the country which had become great due to taking every single right humans once had by using slaves until the abolishment of…show more content…
This time he responds to his question with a negative rhetorical question and further strengthens his statement in the next line “Surely not me ?”. He then implies that there are millions who are still struggling with life, even though they have worked hard for it. At this point of “Let America Be America Again” Hughes gets a more and more negative point of view, especially by not mentioning that there is still a dream to follow, but by writing that the dream is almost dead. The America he wants to have so desperately, is not the America of the past, it's the America of the future, the resemblance of the American dream. As already mentioned earlier and now expressed by Hughes clearly, America should belong to those people who worked for it. At the end of the stanza we can see a glimpse of hope “Must bring back our mighty dream

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