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What does the American Dream mean? LAngston Hughes was a writer during the Harlem Renaissance period. In his poem Let America Be America Again, he explains what he wishes the American Dream was. Throughout Hughes poem, he uses his story, personification, and the use of deep vocabulary words to explain how he feels.
Langston Hughes is why this poem is so intriguing. He was born on February 1, 2017. This was during a time where racism was a big issue. Which means while Hughes was growing up life was not easy nor was life fair. Hughes is an African American man, so growing up he was always put down, told he could not go to some places because of his skin color, and told he could not go to certain schools and restaurants. This was all during the time of segregation. He grew up in Missouri, where jobs were hard to find. The scarceness of jobs led him to have to move to Mexico, which later led to Langston Hughes’s parents to split up. After the split up Langston lived with his grandmother in Kansas and he lived with family and friends while his mother had to search for a strong job. His father had to move to Mexico because he was not a white man, therefore he could not find a good job in the United States. At first Hughes did not understand why his parents split up, but he got older, and it all clicked for him. He realized that he lost his father due to the fact of how people with color were treated, and he wanted everyone to know his story.
In Let America Be America Again,

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