Langston Hughes : The American Dream And Southern Migration With The Reality Of Prejudice

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Langston Hughes Themes, Styles, and Techniques Langston Hughes has solidified his place as one of the greatest writers in American Literature to this day. This achievement is due to his thought provoking use of certain styles and techniques to portray his main themes and ideas. Many of Langston Hughes’ themes originated from his personal feelings and experiences. Hughes thus centers his themes around the ups and downs of African Americans living in America during his time. Langston Hughes contrasts the American Dream and northern migration with the reality of prejudice against Negroes. Langston Hughes helps readers better understand these themes by employing many styles ranging from the use color to describe his views to writing in his own, experimental way. Besides Hughes’ several unique styles, he also employs multiple techniques in his works. One of Langston Hughes’ most common and popular themes is that of the American Dream. Langston Hughes portrays the theme of equal hope for all people in America in his poem “Evenin’ Air Blues” (Johnson 60). Through the theme of the American Dream, Langston Hughes is ultimately saying that life should be better, richer, and fuller for everyone, especially the suppressed African American people. Langston Hughes writes about the promise that every person in America should have an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work (Johnson 60). Hughes is expressing
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