Language Acquisition Advantages And Disadvantages

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Language acquisition is very interesting topic, recently become part of our life and it helps the communication between people not only enables us to understand others. Also it has aids in developing relationships, as we know this language is crucial part of everyday life.

The development of language comes from interactions firstly between infants and caregivers and social interaction theory carry more social factor stand and it has effect in conversation exchange between speakers. In some theories focus on significance to pragmatics rather than the development of grammar, and persuasion on the conversation between caregivers and infant is necessary for development early, and the social interactions theory gives an additional social perspective of language acquisition. Children acquire
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These stages are:
Stage one:
This stage called silent period (pre- production) also it known (holophrastic stage) when children not really production language but they are repeat everything you say, they will be able to respond to pictures and other visuals round them, also they begin make basic statement such as "daddy bye" through this stage children begin naming things with single words and then move on to relating objects with other things (place, and people), and here they don't have much vocabulary so they use intonation ask a question. Children use words to express what they need such as
To get something they want.
To get someone's (parents) attention.

Stage two:
Two- word stage (18-24 months) is when child develop a receptive and active vocabulary and ask question "Where" questions come first. During this stage they can build vocabulary using pictures, give them opportunity to participate in some of the whole class activities. Children become concerned with naming and classifying things, they are taught to learn things in opposite pairs such as (up/down), (hot/
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