Language Acquisition Of Language Development Essay

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Language is perceived as the way humans communicate through the use of spoken words, it involves particular system and styles in which we interact with one another (Oxford 2009).
Children’s acquisition of language has long been considered one of the uniquely defining characteristics of human behaviour. Even today, it is widely thought that children acquire their native language from the imitation of their parents, caregivers or the people in their daily environment. In this essay I will go through what the typical stages of language acquisition in children are, I will explain and show examples of cognitive disabilities and other difficulties in acquiring language, show the theories that explore how language is acquired and see if these theories account for children who are not cognitively impaired but who still do not acquire language.
In nearly all cases, children 's language development follows a predictable sequence. For example, at 6 - 8 months babbling occurs, 9 – 18 months a child is at a one-word stage or holophrastic stage, 18 - 24 months a two word stage and by 24 - 30 months they are at a "telegraphic" stage where they can form sentence. This is the case with most children however some children experience some difficulties in acquiring language. If a child has not spoken by the time they are 2years of age, it is advised that they be brought to a doctor to be assessed. The most common reason for late or deteriorating speech is a hearing problem. If this is not the
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