Language And Communication: The Symbols Of Language And Communication

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Language & Communication
Language is very important to communicate and it's very helpful to people in their daily life because it can make their life so easy and get a lot of various information because it can help them to learn, understand everything. Also, it can help people to know about a lot of other countries and their cultures. Language and communication are very important and necessary in human interaction because people need to use the language for communication with their friends or family member.
Language is individual creation; we produce many words to express specific things.
.Also, we produce our idea of the universe by contemplation and appellation things.
Using many words can help us connect completely in various conditions. Without language, we
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Symbols are considerable because it is the principle of what made verbal language probable.
Language is an abstract method of symbols and context. This method consists of the basics (grammar) that link symbols and content so that we can connect with other people. Symbol anything that abides for anything else. Language and its linked processes may be the most substantial aspect distinguishing individual from all other animals in the world.
Communication is the crossing of knowledge from one creature to another using signal. Communication contains at least four substantial component: sender, reference, aqueduct, and recipient operation of Communication There are four substantial component in the operation of communication. sender, or origin sign , or mission Channel – the middle remitter. Verbal Communication refers to the use of voice and language to convey a message. there are two types of communication. First,
Interpersonal communication is the procedure of dispatching and accepting knowledge between two or more people. .Also, there is Intrapersonal communication appears in the brains of the person in a model which consists of a sender, remitter,
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