Language And Its Effect On Language Essay

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Language has been around for as long as human beings, yet defining it is still something quite difficult to do. What is known is that it can be cognitive (our thoughts), material (written), social (conforming to societal conventions) or all three at once (Gee & Hayes 2011). Language is learned behavior that traditionally began orally, and would have been used to convey real-time statements of facts, however as time progressed the cultural invention of written language developed, changing the ways in which language could be used to communicate (Gee & Hayes 2011). This evolution has greatly diversified language, creating many different varieties in the way of accents, regional varieties, professional varieties, urban varieties, age varieties, social varieties (Gee & Hayes 2011). Take for example Englishes; while theoretically ‘English’ is one variety of language, there are many sub-varieties of this, such as Australian and New Zealand English, which furthermore divides into Australian English, Aboriginal English, New Zealand English and Maori English. Within Australia, Standard Australian English (SAE) is the standard language, used in formal settings and academic writings alike (Green 2006).

All human languages share the same fundamental properties, such as vowels, constants, syllables, nouns, verbs, sentences, and clauses, which are used to conduct our everyday life, we use it daily to convey information, our thoughts, our feelings, to provoke actions, to make decisions.
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