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Language and Literature Newsletter

Language Acquisition
Languages, the primary means of communication, have dominated human cultures for millennia. As Col. William Mure once correctly said, “The history of every language is inseparable from that of the people by whom it is spoken.” Languages symbolize the boom and bust of every ethnic, nation and class. For those worrying parents, we focused on nurturing children’s language ability with scientific methods. To assist you in better understanding how a language is acquired by children, we designed this newsletter, hoping you and our center can make a united effort to promote young children’s language skills.

Language is not a pure combination of words. Instead, language was firstly defined by Ferdinand de Saussure as a system of language and a massive usage of speech in certain ways (Lyons, 1981). A more contemporary understanding of languages is that languages are the ways that unit us to work collectively, entailing four dimensions, namely communication, conversation, collaboration and co-creation (Hauser, 2002). General speaking, it is our primary means of communicating and interacting with the society. Though linguisticians have a profound understanding of the definition of language, several theories tries to explain how a language can be acquired.


Behaviourism is the idea that the environment has a great role to play in cultivating one’s language capacity. Adults can actively affect the learning process
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