Language And Masculinity : An Article By The Newsweek

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Men often feel they have the power of rationality through the words they use and their actions. Women are often viewed stereotypically as not being rational because of their language and their actions. In Victor Sieldler essay “Language and Masculinity” Sieldler talks about how man’s rationality controls everything he does, from the way a man speaks and acts to the way a man views others. A man’s religion, community, and family can affect this rationality. In an article by the Newsweek, it explains how language has created a gender gap, and how the gender gap has deemed what is masculine and what is feminine. In Sophocles ‘Antigone”, Creon is an example of how men use power has a way to appear rational to the general society. One can see how these three articles show how language and rationality are tied together in the definition of what it is to be a rational man or women.
Man acts out of the kindness of his heart or the coldness inside him. One uses words and actions to confront people and to comfort them. Men feel to be masculine you have to hide all emotion unless there is a reason to express it. We men follow this code, “Help others when in need and punish those who are cruel and unwilling of our emotions.” Is this a true sign of masculinity? No, but man does it anyway. Masculinity should express emotion through actions and words. Man needs to help those when in need with comforting language and help those who should be punished with a mixture of language. Men
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