Language And Mass Communication Of The Course

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This written task will focus on Part 2: Language and Mass Communication of the course, in which I will interpret the effectiveness of documenting America during the Great Depression. With an editorial I can express ideas on how the FSA project was able to capture the migrant crisis through the images to emphasize the lost generation’s oppression and how we can use it to prevent it today. An editorial will not limit me to just state facts, but allow me to give my own interpretation of these images subtly so it will not diminish my credibility. By doing so I will be able to use the editorial’s magic in which I can put these individuals in a position where they can consider thinking more on this issue as an editorial’s purpose is mainly to bring awareness to the public of its importance. Editorials often discuss on issues in a society that are considered of high concerns, in this case, the events during the Great Depression are of high importance in which a nation underwent many hardships. Editorials use different perspectives of the issue to disguise their bias and in doing so can offer solutions, in which enables my editorial to imply the audience to take action to realize that the images of that time period were a form of propaganda. By using all of these elements of an editorial to give greater importance to something in the past, present, and the possibility of it returning allows me to use the past, in this case images from the 1930s as a way to prevent and stop a larger
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