Language Aquisition: Theoretical Approaches Essay

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Language is power; not only is it the mechanism by which we communicate, think and express our emotions and ideas; it shapes us into the culture in which we are born. It goes without saying then that language delay affects holistic development leading to isolation, social withdrawal and all round poor academic achievement.

Children develop language in stages, pre-linguistic stage or age birth to 1 year is the stage where babies communicate through crying, cooing and gesturing, babies age 2 months will pause as if to mimic “conversation”.
The second stage is the one word stage age 1 year to 18 months; it is usually at this stage where children say their first word, however they will continue to babble throughout this stage. They also
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Emotionally she may be frustrated as she doesn’t have the language to communicate her wants or feelings; this could lead to temper tantrums. During the one word stage her cognitive development will be affected as there is already a language delay as there would be no receptive language for her to understand in order to use words, consequently she won’t have a vocabulary of fifty words by the age of 18 months.

Isabelle hasn’t had the benefit of a garden to aid her physical development due to her “confinement”; therefore her gross and fine motor skills will not advance properly. She will be at risk of rickets, brittle bones and tuberculosis due to lack of sunshine and the conditions she was living in. (Hobday 1999)

She hasn’t had the benefit of “formal education” as a result she’s had no chance to experience new stimulating experiences, no peer interaction or learning and has not experienced role play, songs or rhymes, the case study mentions “limited access to picture books and toys”, all of which Bruner believed where important for a child’s cognitive development, believing that the social context in which you are born was important consequently these early interactions would be in his opinion important to Isabelle’s language development. (Cullen 2011)

“From the age of six months children are starting to become part
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