Language As A Natural Language

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In our society today, language plays a diverse role in human potential and captures individual unique human characteristics of expression. Likewise, if a universal language was adopted, these distinctive perspectives will be lost. In correlation, linguistic and phonological skills were created when people used language as a natural communication system. Consequently, one’s daily life is impacted by language through unique ways we can communicate to manifest problem-solving and cognitive skills. Above all, language plays a huge role in cooperation and sharing of ideas throughout the world. Undeniably, English is considered the dominant language spoken today. However, as time passed, cultural identities became corrupted and other native…show more content…
Evidently, the base and growth of human intelligence is within the framework of language. In this case, language unfolds the social formation which portrays the exchange of ideas, views, emotions, and value. As a result, complex grammatical skills are formulated to grasp greater communication structure. In other words, the loss of linguistic diversity would be detrimental because every language has its own uniqueness that adds to our scientific understanding of grammar and social skills. According to Grenoble, “If English were the only language on the face of the earth, we could not know literally hundreds of things which are permitted, even predicted, by universal grammar and accidentally missing in English, or any other single language.” Clearly, there are many words and phrases that cannot be translated from one language to another. For that reason, the grammatical principles of multilingualism have critical impact on how we interpret the need to form social groups and use diagnostic set of problem-solving skills to identify how communication can be formed. To expand on that, “[g]rammar did not come from a set of rules that are somehow hard-wired into the brain. It is more likely that humans needed to solve the social problem of ensuring that everyone understood each other” (Ceriani). In other words, language can be learned
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