Language As A New Trending Phenomenon

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Language is created every day through digital spaces and in the way we speak language to people. From street slang like Ebonics to text messages in acronyms to save time, we love how freely we can speak and change things. We don’t even realize half of the time that language is evolving in front of us. When we do take the time to think about language and how something is said or spelled the way it is, is because of a new trending phenomena that everyone can’t help but to talk about and use. A perfect example of that is the use of ‘LOL’ in text messaging. I remember when I got my first cell phone in 2007, sending 4 page text messages because there was so much to say. Now instead of spending more time to type ‘that’s really funny’ or ‘hahaha!’ I can just type ‘lol’ which only saves me about 2 seconds considering that we have keyboards on our phones compared to the obsolete key pad where you would press several times on a number to get to each specific letter. Today, we send shorter text messages using all types of popular acronyms and only call someone when absolutely have to, mostly for the fact that they didn’t reply to our text message “fast enough.”

One trendy language that is a favorite of mine is patois. A language that originates from a rich history and is only truly spoken by the people of its original country, Jamaica. This country now has of 2.7 million people and is one of the most recognized compared to other islands in the Caribbean. A part of that comes from the…
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