Language As A Powerful Tool

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The language as a powerful tool .
Language of the heart
This essay analyses the role of the language in colonized land by English empire. More in specific, how the colonial and post-colonial poems dealing with this powerful tool which is ‘language’. I will take in consideration Derek Wolcott. Drawing thought two of his poems, I am going to point out the way he uses ‘language’,

The S. Lucian poet, for a long time, tried to show the importance of his being “hybrid”. In one of the most famous and early poem “A Far Cry From Africa”, he ended this poem with a sequence of question regarded his roots, his being “divided into the vein “ with the blood of both culture, English and Africa. Questions at which he does not give a reply, by doing this “the being poison” it is bring a positive status. Does not choose or make predominate on culture than the other, it is acception of the condition of the “hybrid”. This mingles of culture put out the importance of a suitable poetic voice. Walcott put out in an interview for the journal “contemporary literature” how the richness of his poetic voice is coming from the multicultural background of/ and language lived in him; “French creole”, English “creole” and “English”. He definitely show the importance of owing this estates, fact that make him unique. By using creole, the poet was able to describe landscapes that are singular and which have the power to claim their complete integrity including the past, degrade, history and its effect.…
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