Language Barriers Holding Back Healthcare And Business

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Language Barriers Holding Back Healthcare and Business
Uniquely put by Christopher Dawson, a British scholar, “the greatest obstacle to international understanding is the language barrier.” Essentially, Dawson speaks about the great lengths some people have to go through to understand another’s culture, and a lot of the time they fail. Inspired by the stimulus material, “Vanishing Voices,” I delved into the limitations language barriers put on society and how to solve them. I found these limitations are reflected in business, education, and cultural expansion. In essence, Future business deals, economic downturns, the health of foreigners and education for future generations are at risk without the mass integration of a universal language. Language barriers are what cause a great deal of risk in the business place and for foreign travelers and tourists. Ensuring a more successful and safe future for generations to come, involves the identification of issues caused by language barriers resulting in an absence of an effective health care system, economic downturns involving business deals that failed, and a lack of a proper education system for those who do not speak the major languages spoken by the majority of the world, English, Mandarin, French, or Spanish. To be blunt, the health system is one of the most intricate and complicated systems in the world with thousands of terms for numerous symptoms, treatments, and situations that may arise, and not your average United

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