Language Between Language And Language

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Language arose out of a need to communicate ideas and commands. Initially it was very basic, but in its current form language is very complex. It a adapted to the changing need of speakers. In this sense, language is a living entity which evolves in response to the changing cultural context in which it exists. Because language evolves in response to culture, the full quality of its meaning is derived from understanding the context in which it takes place. Educators must be aware of the sociocultural nature of language, understanding that language cannot be viewed as stagnant or removed from its context. This has implications for the ways that educators think about, understand and teach language, so that students have an appreciation for …show more content…

Although language today can be seen as far more complex than in the past, due to the growing number of cultural factors influencing it, language has been a social and cultural phenomenon since its inception.
The development of language overtime illustrates the relationship between language and culture. To have a holistic appreciation for language and meaning, this relationship must be understood. It is likely that all human languages developed from one single language (Gee & Hayes, 2011). As human moved, language developed in relation to the different cultures as they inherited and this led to the creation of the 6,500 languages that exist today, which does not include those which no longer exist (Gee & Hayes, 2011). Cultural influence has not only been responsible for the creation of different languages, but has also created differences among the same language within different places. English for example exits in many different forms around the world. The variances in Englishes began to emerge as a result of colonisation. The colonization of America for example, led to the creation of American English, a transformation which took only weeks, as American settlers had to evolve the language to adapt to their new experiences, which British English could not accommodate as the culture in England did not include these American specific experiences and ideas (Crystal, 2013). Variations in language are specific to certain contexts. Understanding language requires

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