College Admissions Essay: Language Bridges And Barriers

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Language Bridges and Barriers Language can be a barrier or a bridge depending on how one facilitates its use. Being a monolingual hinders communication to others who speak a different language while being bilingual can create a bridge between nations, ethnicities, and cultures. Unfortunately, this “bridge” is being threatened by the legalization that impedes minorities, the first amendment, diversity, and the quality of education received in the U.S. Therefore, my stance is that the U.S. should not have an official language and that the state of Arkansas does not need language related legislation. I am privileged to speak English as well as some German and Spanish. This opportunity to learn different languages has been encouraged by others and although I am completely fluent in only English, I have been provided with the resources to learn German and Spanish while in High School, at University, and even through online applications. I grew up in an English-speaking household and it was the only language I was introduced to until High School. It was not necessary for me to learn a foreign language to be successful in life or to be considered by American society, an American citizen. However, not everyone living in the U.S. is as fortunate as me. Minorities and immigrants find it crucial to learn English in order to communicate effectively, acquire a job, receive a better education, and to live life successfully here. Hence my surprise at learning that America has been
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