Language Change In English Language

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English is a Germanic language that arose in the 5th century, and nowadays, it is the third most spoken language in the world. A large amount of changes occurred during time, creating the language as we currently know it. In recent years, the main change has been the vocabulary, as the spelling, grammar or pronunciation is roughly the same than in the English Modern English period. The grammar is the result of a change from an Indo-European pattern to an analytic language, opposed to synthetic languages, which include several morphemes in one word. However, languages such as English, have fewer morphemes per word, so almost every word refers to something, it is an isolating language. Besides, in terms of vocabulary, English has more borrowed words than own words, that means that is a mixed language from other idioms (Crystal & Potter, 2017). Thanks to historical, political and economic reasons, such as the voyages of exploration, the borrowed words from other languages, the changes in spoken language or other important events, English has evolved, becoming a very flexible and useful language with a large amount of words.
The text given belongs to recent years English, taken from an online article from the BBC webpage on November of 2017. As it is an informal article, it uses casual language, with contractions of words or everyday expressions. The text if filled of nowadays words and references which are quite far from what Early Modern English language was, with words that
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