Language Choice in Multilingual Communities

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Language is an important factor of human communication because it is a good sign of interaction as the intended message will be conveyed and fully understood. People in several parts of the world, are inhabited by different linguistic families and groups. This charcterstics of language within a given area or locality also means that people's social and economic structures are also varied. Dorian (1981)(cited in Adams.Matue,Ongarora and Adams ( 2012;p.99) state that the diversity of languages leads to unavoidable concept of bilingualism among the local speakers. It is then expected that instances of partial and complete language shift shall occur and even diglossia may set in at some point in time. There is a well documented tendency for some speech communities to change over time from ones first language to another (Gal, 1979). Language choice is when the speaker chooses what language to use in particular situation in bilingual or multilingual communities. "Who speaks what language to whom and when" Fishman (1965 cited in Al surmi.2000). Language choice divided into to types ; • Marked-the language used would not be normally expected in acertian context • Unmarked-language used is the one that would be ecpected in that context (Al surmi.2000;p.4) Sociologist proves that domains are essential regarding the use of languge rather than another. Fishman states, “Domains are defined in terms of institutional contexts or socio-ecological
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