Language, Culture and Globalization

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All businesses are being affected in one way or another by globalization and by the rapid advance of technology, especially in the area of communications. Some businesses are trying to expand their markets to gain advantage of such process; however, the use of English by entrepreneurs from the United States as the only language to communicate with stakeholders is taken as a ethnocentric attitude throughout the world. English has become one of the most important languages, but, most of the time its use is limited to politics, international trade or international relations. In other words, most of the people who use it are somehow involved in jobs that require them to use English; the same is not true for those businesses' consumers, who…show more content…
This meant that there were going to be people from different nations, and with different languages working together. An example of this is the European Central Bank, which will be in charge of the central banks of the 15 nations when the Euro begins circulating in the continent. The Governing Council and the Executive Board of the ECB is formed by individual from the EU nations and the only way for them to communicate with each other is by using a language that is common to all of them; in this case English. But countries in Europe are not the only ones trying to improve communications for their people; China can also be a good example. In a country with more than 1.5 billion habitants, the number of languages or dialects might differ within regions; therefore, the government is establishing the mandarin language as their lingua franca to improve communications internationally with Singapore, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. (Ojala, 1997, p. 8) The second major factor that has and still is playing a major role in the spread of the English Language is Technology with the continuous advancement of the communication systems. One of these methods is the World Wide Web, which makes it easier and cheaper to communicate with other individuals around the world and provides businesses with a very powerful tool to advertise their goods or services
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