Language, Death And Humanity By Margaret Edson 's Play, W. T

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In Margaret Edson’s play, W;t, tells the story of Vivian’s experience with her cancer treatment. Through her treatment, Vivian recognizes her humanity and her lack of understanding life and death. By recognizing that being incredibly smart was not the answer to everything, Vivian looks back on her life and is able to reflect on her character. Edson’s use of aside, flashback, exposition, foreshadow, irony and foil allows Vivian to explore different themes. Through the use of these dramatic devices, Edson is able to convey themes of language, death and humanity. Throughout the entire play, Vivian dissects the medical banter between Dr. Kelekian and Jason. By doing so, Vivian is able to create meaning behind the language that Kelekian and Jason uses at her. This is first seen with Vivian’s aside that occurs simultaneously with Kelekian’s explanation of her cancer. Vivian decides that she “must read something about cancer. Must get some books, articles” (page 8). She continues on to dissecting medical terms with the definition of each component of the word. This can be seen with the word antineoplastic. “Anti: against. Neo: new. Plastic. To mold. Sharpening. Antineoplastic. Against new sharpening” (page 9). Words help fuel her life. By understanding the words used to describe her, Vivian could stand tall against her treatment. Whenever she didn’t know a word she would “look them up. It has always been my custom to treat words with respect. I can recall the time-the very hour to

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