Language Delays And Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Language Delays in Autism Spectrum Disorder Bethany Perez Colorado State University Autism spectrum disorder is caused by abnormalities in the brain. Many children that qualify under the autism spectrum disorder, often experience developmental delays in three areas of development. Socially/emotionally, as well as cognitively, children with ASD are unable to progress at a normal rate of development compared to their peers. The level of communication due to language delays can be severely affected as well for children with autism. Children can also exhibit repetitive, unusual behaviors. Those affected by the disorder thrive on consistency, and predictability in the classroom setting. Because of the impaired language skills, visual approaches to classroom instruction are very beneficial for the students (Ormrod, 2011). When considering the development of someone with autism, a common issue is the social stimuli associated with language development. Often the social effects of having autism affect other areas of development as well. Researchers have related the increased viewing of stimuli to skin conductance responses, and their association with language development in autism. A study was conducted on 32 children with ASD; this set of children was divided into two groups based on their language histories, and how they acquired their onset of symptoms. A typically developing set of children was matched with the group of 32. Skin conductance responses
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