Language Development : An Example Of Telegraphic Speech

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Language development is a huge step in a child’s life. For parents it’s a build block that shows growth within their child. When language begins to develop it allows us to finally “get to know” the child. Before language development, parents had to guess or find ways of knowing what their child wanted or needed. However, during and after language development the child is able to express what they need, and attention. For my field project I collected data by walking around my family’s farm with my nephews and my niece. The ages of my nephews and my niece are 3, 4, 5, 5, 9, and 12. During this walk I picked up telegraphic speech, holophrases, referential style, pragmatics and expressive style. Telegraphic speech is when simple words are forgotten in a phrase (Feldman 162). Telegraphic speech is often compared to writing a telegram because you payed for each word in the telegram. Since the word amount was limited for most they took out simple words. An example of telegraphic speech that I found was “I’m not going!” which was said by my 3 year old niece. It makes sense that she would using telegraphic speech during her age because she is still figuring out how to form sentences and building her vocabulary. I would expect her to us telegraphic speech because she is in the age range that children begin to use telegraphic speech. The next I found was holophrases. Holophrases are when a child uses one word for a whole phrase (Feldman 161). My niece used holophrases when she was
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