Language Development And A Child 's Understanding Of The External World

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Alonte’ engaged in dialogue with himself when engaging in imaginative play. He gave a voice to his mom block and baby block in the observation. His shows he has symbolic play. He is using functional, socio-dramatic play and constructive play with objects according to Smilansky. He did all these when playing with the blocks and acting out real life roles while enjoying his play. His organization of play according to Parten is solitary and parallel. He played by himself, but beside his brother. He did look and watch him play at some points, then continue to do his own playing. At one point he did exchange words with his brother but never did associative because Alonte want to do his own thing no matter what his brother was making. This showed some independence performance. (Vygotsky) When building with the blocks and stacking them on top of one another, he used Brunner theory on play supports problem solving.

According to Lev Vygotsky, play is essential part of both language development and a child’s understanding of the external world. Children at play make sense through a process of inner speech. This is what Alonte’ showed when talking out loud to himself in his play. This shows that he is able to use his imagination a relate what he explores through his play.

According to Piaget, children construct their understanding of reality from their own experience when is called schemata. In the observation, he demonstrates that the mommy and baby goes in house. He
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