Language Development And Supporting Children With English As An Additional Language

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The aim of this action research is to find and develop the book corner with the use of stories to support children with English as an Additional Language (EAL) within an early years setting. Recommendations in the form of evaluation to show the best methods which will help to improve the way support is given to children with EAL within the early years setting.
The report includes the use of research in linking to theories of language development and supporting children with EAL, practice, parent partnership in the form of gaining information on the interests of the child, observations, role of practitioners, and peers. Parents were also encouraged to stay within sessions.
The report concludes to show that the use of stories has benefits to children in various ways and this is not limited to only EAL children. It also has the potential of significant impact on communication. It further did have the potential to impact definitely upon communication between practitioners and parents with EAL. Keywords in the form of cue cards with English and Spanish used and these keywords incorporated into circle time and during the marking of register, choosing of activities and to support simple instructions. Benefits identified included: less frustration and enhanced behaviour due to understanding of setting routines; better concentration levels; providing a means by which children can start communication and make choices which also support language acquisition. Nevertheless, these
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