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Language Development 1 Language Development in Children Mary Reed Todd Athens State University Theories & Stages in Language Development Language Development Paper July 25, 2011 Language Development 2 Language Development in Children Introduction At the age of 18 months children begin to use two-word sentences to communicate their ideas, and by 24-30 months these children are avid language users. The process by which children acquire language is a complex process that is still not…show more content…
Many language theorists have labeled various stages of language development. Most often these stages are labeled babbling, jargoning, one word utterances, two word utterances, and “all hell breaks loose” (Cole and Cole, Pinker, and Burling). During the babbling stage, children are learning how to Language Development 4 produce the sounds that make up language, a process that Pinker feels is a prerequisite for language development. Jargoning appears around 12 months, and is described as the vocalization of syllable strings that sound similar to the language to which the child is exposed (Cole and Cole). One word utterances or holo-phrases are sometimes believed to stand for phrases or sentences (Cole and Cole). At 18 months, language development is quickly developing; children are increasing their vocabulary at a phenomenal rate of a new word every two hours (Pinker). As two or three word utterances emerge “these micro-sentences already reflect the language being acquired: in ninety-five percent of them, the words are properly ordered” (Pinker, 268). As Pinker’s term “the all hell breaks loose stage” suggest this stage is when children rapidly acquire vocabulary and grammar. Between
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