Language Differences Between Alexi And Tan

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The Two Articles and I The two articles from Alexi and Tam are similar in many ways. These two article similarity is how an Indian and a Chinese living at new environment. The struggle that Alexi and Tan is the English Language. Tam’s article struggle is when Amy’s mom is taking advantage because her language was limited. Alexie’s struggles is that he was picked on by the other kids because he was smart. Alexie inherited his father’s passion for reading by imitating when he was a little boy. I can relate to these two articles by having a mother with a limited language, how I was influence by my brother to read, and most importantly what book influenced to keep on reading. The first thing I can relate to is from the author Tam from the quote “my mother’s “limited” English limited my perception of her”. The thing that I relate to is that I also have a mother that has a limitation in languages both Spanish and English. To me it was essential to learn how to read Spanish to help out my family. My mother has problem reading and writing in her native tongue. When I started learning my English words I also tried it with the Spanish language because the alphabet was similar to each other. It was either up to my brother and me to read letters from others of her family member that we never had the chance to meet.…show more content…
The quote that may be most important how Alexie started reading is “I learn to read with a superman comic book”. The book that peaked my interest during my elementary years was a book called “Goosebumps”, this book is important to me as how Superman comic book is important to Alexie. I have read many of the “Goosebumps” books and I love them all. Goosebumps was also one of my favorite shows. It was fun comparing the book to the show. I loved the test that the school provided that was given at the computers. In addition, every time I passed a test I received points that leaded to

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