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Language Cosmetics “There is no life for a nation with no language”. – Famous Jewish writer and newspaper editor Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, 1922. Language is the pot that represents a culture. It reflects its personality, its character, persona, education, and its development. It represents a history the ancestors left, and inheriting it leads to the continuation of identity. Holding on to the mother language reflects a high sense of patriotism. All nations that are developed and advanced in the fields of science and technology use their native tongue in their educational systems, and find ways to spread the love of the native tongue and prevent it from everlasting waste. After World War II, no one would believe that the Japanese could recover from one of the world’s biggest catastrophes of all time. Yet Japan sent its students to various parts of the world, studying the latest in science and technology from different western cultures; but when they returned, they transferred and taught everything in their native language; and no one can deny what Japan is today. Masahiko Fujiwara, one of Japan’s renowned authors, said, “The motherland is the mother tongue”. In South Korea, primary school language teachers go through numerous oral and written exams they need to pass before given the responsibility to teach the young generations. South Korean television has several kids’ channels that broadcast their daily programs in nothing but classical Korean. French use to be the

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