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Language is essential; language is what we use to communicate among others. It is something that joins us just as strongly as it separates us. There are many different “languages” in the world but really they are all bound by certain rules, they all have a format that they follow, all of them have, nouns, verbs, tenses, and adjectives. Language is almost like a math, the point of it is that when you speak, you try to reach a conclusion with a different person, and in math you use equations to solve problems and reach conclusions, one is numbers the other is words.

Math is not easy, and learning a Language can be challenging. I came here from Mexico years ago, and I still remember how it was to not know how to communicate.
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Language is a powerful thing, It can mold your image to society, a tall skinny woman with a English accent can be thought of as a model or actress, a Asian man with a accent will be looked upon as a “Chinese food clerk”, where as one with out an accent will be viewed as a computer engineer. Stereotyping is one thing that our society is good at, and that is one thing that they will always do to different cultures.

The first step to get rid of these stereotypes would be to educate people in about different cultures, if we would encourage people in the United States and in other countries to be open to new people we could get the stereotyping to stop. The first step to prevention is education. A lot of people stereotype other cultures because of the way they were brought up, me for example I was always told that Jews are bad people because of WWII, they told me that during the war Polish people would help them, and after the war the Jews would be upset with us because we did not help them enough. Now I could take that to heart and just hate them because I was thought to hate them, but I chose not to, I chose to communicate with a Jewish kid in high school and he was a really good person. The reason that I do not follow in the footsteps of my ancestors from WWII is that because I decided to communicate and learn about them, and that’s all thanks to one thing that many people need to realize is a important
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