Language, Gender And Parenting Styles Influence Language Development

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Language can be seen and heard, a form of human communication developed over decades and continues to develop, language is understood as having both form and function. When we communicate we start to understand and share meanings, these functions develop and express particular cultural and social customs. Written language is a formal system with structures and patterns that have developed within cultural traditions passed down from generation to generation from different people, places and times. Communication is also delivered in forms such as sign and body language, facial expressions and hand gestures that are understood by those who cannot communicate in the form of written or spoken. As stated in Language and learning an Introduction for teaching, “The most impressive intellectual achievement that any of us ever accomplishes is the learning of our first language”. (M Emmitt, M Zbaraki, L Komesaroff and J Pollock 2015) Language has many diverse variations where culture, gender and parenting styles influence language development. The purpose of this essay is to emphasize the key areas of written and spoken language and to incorporate the standards and diversity of language that could impact on a child’s language development, in the teachings of Standard Australian English.

Written language is a syntactical method of human communication, syntax is the order of words and phrases that form sentences in a language. Written language is different to spoken however there are
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