Language In Literature: The Relationship Of Language And Literature

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Mankind is set apart with dissimilar bridges in terms of culture, tradition and genes of a family heritage. However, the strong similarity that makes us similar to one another is a universal connection. This connection; acting as a medium that commutes our thoughts, to receive and provide information, to express our emotions to one another and to almost fully understand what the other person has to say.
In this context, English language inherits the credential of a Universal language that can be nearly understood almost each and every part of the world. The English Language; that has been evolving over centuries, has found its spot under the beam light and is used all over the world as a mode of communication. However, just like any other spoken
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This is a means through which we express our thoughts. Without means we cannot express our thoughts. On the other hand, literature is the thought which is expressed with the help of language. Thus it is clear that without language there is no existence of literature because without language we cannot express our thoughts. Language is the fundamental unit of literature. It can be said that language makes literature (2010). With the undeniable connection of language and literature, it can be justified that any work of literature, produces great meanings and depicts several analyzes based on the minds of reader. A text is just a text, until the reader understands and swims into the text to find the elements and to really know what the text is about. A text is dead if it is not analyzed. Therefore, every reader has to be an active reader by utilizing their cognitive skills to go beyond the text. Our cognitive skills can be greatly improved as the study of literature deals with the forms and manner of writing. Every piece of writing has its own story and readers are free to analyze the story according to their ability. With the study of stylistics, thinking skills are used in order to know the content of any particular text. This allows readers to question and understand the missing bits of information. The study of literature does not only become a study through reading, but it actively…show more content…
With continuous reading, learners will not only look at the text as a piece of reading, rather a medium to communicate. The choice of vocabularies in a text allows readers to expand their grammar when they read or write. Likely, when they are words that may not seem to understand, readers are able to look through dictionaries to obtain the meaning. Thus, one’s English will definitely improve with the study of stylistics as it is not just about reading a text, but understanding the elements and style of the text. Additionally, communications skills will be greatly developed with the learning of stylistics. Just like any other language, English language can be improved when it is spoken on a daily basis. This means to say that readers can also improve their speaking skills by using the different grammars, and styles of dialogues and communication that they have read in any text. The differences between these two manners may vary in some degree depending on the purpose of reading and how inclined are the learners towards the particular text. Therefore, learners should not force themselves to read a particular text, as the basis of improving any language and in this context, English, has and must be with the acceptance of readers to be able to engage and comprehend the text for their own
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