Language Is A Human System Of Communicating Essay

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Introduction Language can be seen and heard; it can be diverse or standard. With this in mind, discuss the different roles that language can have in a child’s life. Language is a human system of communicating that can be seen and heard. Language can be seen by reading and writing, signs or gestures, symbols or pictures and can be heard when talking, reading aloud or actively listening to someone. By using language in these forms it enables us to express our thoughts and feelings, indicates ideas or re-tell our experiences (Fellowes & Oakley, 2014). Language can also be standard or diverse. Standard language might refer to Standard Australian English or Standard Academic English whilst reference is made to diverse language when referring to World Englishes, Aboriginal Englishes, different Discourses that are used depending on the subject matter, different languages that are used according to the register required such as formal and informal or languages used for different cultural and social contexts such as social situations, age, gender or race (Caruso, 1997). Using language in any of these forms is an important aspect of being human because we need to connect and communicate with others (Gee & Hayes, 2011). Language plays an integral role from the time a child is born as it controls higher mental functions and behaviour and represents a person’s social and cultural environment (Vialle, Lysaght and Verenikina, 2008). Thesis Statement Language can be seen and heard and
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