Language Is A Key Aspect Of The Learning Process

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Teaching relies on communication and in that respect, language is a key aspect of the learning process. Therefore, it is critical that a teacher is very aware of the language that is used and the hidden messages that also commonly underlie language. As indicated by Greenberg (2014), “emotion drives both children’s cognitive abilities and their language abilities.” So in this sense, because language is connected to social-emotional learning, it is critical that teachers are aware of this and treat their use of language in an appropriate manner. When we think of language, the most common aspect is verbal language and the spoken word. Clearly, speech can also carry many other messages depending on the user’s tone, emphasis, accent and pace. Therefore, teacher’s must be careful to ensure that how they speak to students is appropriate and cannot be interpreted as mocking, sarcastic or any other way disrespectful. This is much more likely to occur in cross-cultural situations and a revelation occurred for me after some time teaching in China and dealing with the continual incorrect pronoun usage when referring to boys or girls as he and she. When I was told that in Mandarin, there is no distinction made between he, she and it, I realized why my students were having difficulties and made sure to be more aware of my reaction to this common error. In general, as a science and mathematics teacher, I also incorporate into my teaching a technical language specific to these
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