Language Is A Method Of Human Communication

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Language is a method of human communication, one of the most important things all humans have in common. In Dillon’s Grammar Repair textbook, she mentions that language is power and those who can exercise its power “possess a greater share of life’s privileges across the board” (1). Language greatly defines the person and how they are deceived by others. In the essays “Mother Tongue,” “The Meanings of a Word,” and “But What Do You Mean?” language is depicted as a controller of our lives in the workplace and our community. The individual’s communication methods dominated their impressions on society. In Tan’s essay, “Mother Tongue,” she explains her use of mother tongue, not only as the language her mother speaks but the language she grew up with and still uses even with her husband. Amy writes how her mother’s limited English has not only limited her mother but the way the world sees and judges her. In her essay she states that she has described her mother’s language as “‘broken’ or ‘fractured English” (Tan 264). Labeling one’s English as broken can often label the speaker as incoherent and uneducated. Just like Tan’s mother, many who speak an imperfect language are often overlooked and ignored in our society. Language, although its purpose is to unite us, can very much as well as be used to alienate an individual. It is key to establish and define our identity and our place in the world but if we are constantly excluding people with limited English skills than we are
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