Language Is A Very Magic Thing

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Language is a very magic thing. People use the language to communicate with others, but in the society of 21 century, we cannot only know one language, people should learn other foreign language. The world becomes national now. When you go to other countries and use different language, which will make the people who don’t know the foreign language hard understand. The language is a bridge to connect culture, education and nation. Like America, it isa big country with a mixed culture, so there will have different people with different religion and culture. The best way to have a good communicate and not misunderstand, people should learn their foreigner language. “For an American, language acquisition is usually the critical handle…show more content…
Language without culture relevance is nearly useless. Yet successful teaching the culture element in our foreign language classes remains elusive.”(G) We can say that the culture is from the language and the language is from the culture. The language is the most important part in the life. If we don’t know the language we will become hard to commute to other people. But if you only know a little of the foreign language, you still cannot know their culture very well. People should learn the language very deep. In the collage is just a big community place with a mixed culture. Many pf students aren’t going to study a language at the collage or a foreign country to study, but having a foreign language also exposes students to the culture. In a collage Spanish class, the Spanish teacher brings a salsa dancer to expose students to that aspect of the culture. Let students not only study from the book.(G) This example show us, that study a foreign language is not only know one more language is also know one country’s culture. The language will show you how does the culture become and how does it use in the language. So I think study a foreign language is very interesting, it can let people become more knowledge. There are more and more people go abroad to study travel and study. Because the world is become more and more international, so people choose to look something out of their country. “ Another reason for the museum to reach out to foreign
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