Language Is Always Evolving Without Exception

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The revolutionary hashtag sweeping across all platforms of social media, primarily Tumblr and Twitter, causing an uprising of bold fearlessness within is the #bossbitch. The #bossbitch respects themselves and others, with the goal of equal respect in return. They are firm, direct, and treats everyone with equality. They offer their sincerest support and help. A #bossbitch is in control, genuine, and takes themselves serious. However, this twenty-first century term has been refined over the years into what it stands for today. Language is always evolving without exception. According to the English Oxford Living Dictionary, the word bitch adapted from the Old English word “bicce,” though informally it is simply an unpleasant woman. Among the classic dirty words, stands a powerful, five-letter word. The familiarity is shared among many languages and especially through social media, though the exact meaning can be lost in translation. Its versatility is impeccable, and it can be used in place of a noun, adjective, or verb. It gives the flexibility of being used in any given situation whether it be used offensively, neutrally, or empowering. All these emotions and power are manifested into a seemingly small word: bitch. A bitch is often associated with corrupt implications, but with the advances of feminism, women are able to self-identify as #bossbitch to indicate they are strong, assertive, and independent. “A boss bitch knows what she wants, where she 's going, and who she
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