Language Is Not Only A Communication Tool For People

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Yin Lian
Linguistic 200
Topic: pet peeves, shibboleths, and stigmatization
Language itself is not only a communication tool for people to interpret themselves, but also constitutes a means of asserting one’s identity. Linguistic is a study of the language form, meaning, and context as well as its correlation to historical, social, and cultural factors. People from different countries speak different languages. However, regional characteristic of languages are also shown on people from different parts of the country. Therefore, people can make predictions about the speakers’ background by simply talking to them.
Language geographic variation can be shown from phonology or pronunciation. According to oxford English Dictionary, phonology defined as “the system of contrastive and phonotactic relations among the speech sounds of a particular language”. (Oxford English Dictionary) When interpreting a sentence, people usually add tone to the sentences in order to emphasize something or just simply make it sounds better, so called intonation. Intonation is part of phonology study. Uptalk or High Rising Terminal is a speaking pattern characterized as rising intonation at the end of statements as though they were questions. Many people just simply view the phonological variation as accents. However, linguists are more likely to say uptalk is actually a phonetic characteristic of certain languages,because not all phonological variation involves accents.
On the
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