Language Is The Most Important Development Of Human History Essay

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Language is the most important development in human history playing an integral role in children’s identity, belonging to a society, creative expression and success in life. Language is a complex system of patterns including signs, symbols, utterances and body movements that allows humans to communicate in mediums far more advanced than any other animal. Importantly, language is a method of thinking and behaving shaped by the society and culture children are born into and raised by (Green, 2006, p 2). Knowledge, behaviours and skills are passed on from generations through various uses of language that can be classified as written, visual, digital or spoken experiences. Written and visual experiences can include using text, sign, and body language, whereas language that can be heard is experienced though speech, singing and music. Digital language including social media, coding, skyping and interactive games. The expansive cultures and social groups of the world generate a diversity of languages (Gee & Hays, 2011, p 8). Children are capable of using language creatively to stimulate them intellectually and reinvent language to enable interaction. The role of language in children’s lives is established by an innate ability to acquire language and quality of interactions.

Language begins at home and is the product of children’s environment. Halliday surmises that function is inherent to language, language exists because it has a specific role (Halliday, 1985, p 17). The role
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