Language, Language And Culture Development

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Language is something that defines us in a culture and gives us the voice in which we express ourselves. So it can be said that language is something that every person needs. Language can be defined as a form of communcating spoken, written, or signed that is based on a system of symbols (Santrock 2007, p.303). The importance of language is something that goes unrecognized in everyday life, but we need language to be able to speak with other people.

Listen to other people read and write (Santrock 2007, p.303). It doesn’t matter in what way we speak to each other. Language is meant to be a, sort of sign language or expression of art and culture development, but it is important for our survival on this earth to be able to communicate the things we need and the things that we feel or we would probably end up dead. In order to communicate the best we can throughout our lives, we must learn and develop language at a young age.

However, there are factors that change us when we are children that can mess with the natural course of language development, these could be good or bad depending on what they are. For example, one of the most important influences in childss life today is television. The effect that t.v have on a child’s language development is of interest to researchers, as well as parents who spend hundreds of dollars on infortmative videos for their television viewing children hoping they’ll learn. There are tons and tons of language experts and language…
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