Language Learning : A Customized Solution Essay

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Language Learning: A Customized Solution that Works!
Many companies invest in professional development in the workplace to maintain and keep current the skills and abilities of their employees. They understand the value of such investment in allowing them to secure a competitive edge in their short as well as long term growth plans and market share in a globalized marketplace. It is believed that one of the most important factors for success in the global marketplace is communication.
Since communication is such a key factor in success of the economic process and in the global marketplace, then professional development should nurture and support all aspects of communication locally and across the globe. This is probably why companies across the globe invest in foreign language learning for their employees. In search of the best learning solution that is both fiscally feasible and results oriented, the customized learning solution provided by Global-LT, for example, is the perfect fit. Let’s consider the following scenario:
“Your company needs to provide language training to its employees, so you ask yourself what is the most efficient and effective way to learn a language? Should we pay for our employees to go to a local school or should we find a service that provides a private tutor that delivers customized lessons based on each employee’s goals, objectives and learning style?”
And you consider the Options: “If we go with a local school, will the class schedule interfere
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